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Kampot Pepper Cambodia - The finest Asian spice

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Kampot pepper, is a rare pepper harvest in Cambodia. Organically grown on the foothills of the Domrei Mountains of Kampot province in southern Cambodia, It carries a Protection Geographical Indication (PGI) status as an acknowledgement of the pepper cultivate unique to Kampot southern Cambodia, similar to French champagne. It's certified by the Cambodian government and the European Union.

This sought after spice is available in red, white or black; for three differents use, three differents taste. Ranging from delicately spicy to mildly sweet, this very rare pepper suits all kinds of dishes. Foodies, gourmets and chief cook enjoy to use Kampot peppercorns. Its specificities come from their exceptional lingering taste, their mildness and the freshness and complexity of their aromas. Our Kampot pepper is 100% organic and come from an unique small Cambodian farmer.

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